February 07, 2010

know, I know; it's been forever. Almost a month, to be specific. Where have I been and what have I been doing? Well, check out these photos and see the fruits of our labor this past week. (My excuse before last week? Russ bogarting the only working computer we have by staying at work all hours. His record? 4am the following day!) We have finally - FINALLY - gotten our bedroom in order, first with paint, then with our Ikea wardrobes. The painting was an 8 hour project - a marathon session in my vast painting history (I blame the shoddy rollers and 12-ft ceilings). The wardrobes I put together by myself, after giving my poor battered body a few days to recover from the painting. Still a few things left to do (note the missing doors), but we're really happy with the way it turned out - -the color and the fact that, two months in, we can mostly stop living out of suitcases and boxes.


Today we decided to get out of the house and go see something. Since we felt bad about not getting the Boss out for enough exercise in our exhaustion this week, our one criteria was that she be able to join us; and that being Sunday, that it was, you know, open. So off we went for a short trip to Saalburg Römerkastell; basically a big roman castle/fort. Being mostly outside and having dressed for lower elevation temperatures, I tuckered out (and froze) rather quickly. Bailey, on the other hand, had the time of her life - an enclosed space with 2-ft snow drifts to show-pony through. I have a feeling she's going to sleep good tonight.


Not really keeping track of time, I had almost forgot that next weekend is Valentine's Day (as well as our five-months-married anniversary!). Russ decided he wanted to go away for the weekend and we've been trying to decide where. While he originally suggested Amsterdam, I thought that was a city best saved for warmer weather, so we can fully enjoy all of the outdoor activities. I found a great Jetsetter deal on Gilt for a beautiful spot on Lake Geneva (the Swiss side), but it is a bit further away. One of the great selling points is that they allow pets, and since I'm not sure I'm ready to trust a kennel place out here, Bailey's going to have to come with us. Besides, how could we possibly leave this face behind?:

Until next time (and I promise it won't take so long!) ...