Fußball & Johannisfest

June 29, 2010

Our weekend continued with more excitement - the Germany v. England game and the Johannisfest on Sunday! We decided to watch the match in Mainz since we were headed over for the Johannisfest that day as well. My new German/American friend invited us over to enjoy the game with her friends, amongst a massive crowd of Germans at a classic biergarten.

Unfortunately, the heat has continued to get more oppressive with the heavy humidity that always seems to accompany the sun over here, so watching the game outdoors was a test in resisting heat stroke. We resorted to scarves draped over our heads, lukewarm drinks (warm weißweinschorle, mmm...) and thankfully, a friend's SPF 70. 

Decked out in our German flag tats

The crowds' excitement over all the German goals and their subsequent win was contagious - and definitely helped us to forget about the sticky heat. I love how everyone is so into the games and keeps the party going through the streets long after the match is over. We're just happy we at least have one team to keep rooting for!

Go Deutschland!

Crowds filling the streets (cars stood no chance)

After a great win by Germany, we headed down the river to the Johannisfest - yet another summer festival filled with rides, art booths and lots of yummy food. A few of the guys from our group decided the brave the massive hammer-like ride that spun you upsidedown and around on the ends of a crazy tall pendulum. After all the drinking and heat exhaustion, we only figured that would end badly for us!

Um, no thanks!

We opted for a mild ride into hell. Unbeknownst to us, it ended up being a 3-D experience (that wasn't entirely three-dimensional after all) in which ghouls and other scary creatures unceremoniously spat water on us. At least we weren't getting sick from being spun upsidedown!

Oh wait, what aren't we supposed to do...?

While the fest offered some great goodies - honey popcorn, chocolate-covered kebabs of strawberries and pineapple, an artist's great Wiesbaden postcards I plan to frame for the bathroom - it was really just nice to enjoy some time relaxing with new friends, especially with a pina colada at a riverside beach bar after the sun started to go down. 

Sunset (around 10:30pm) over the tents of the Johannisfest

Can't wait for next weekend - Fourth of July! Just a little less humidity, please...

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische