Settling in...

July 29, 2010

The dreaded hall-painting project

It's hard to believe that we've been here for over eight months. While time has flown, there are also so many ways that we are still behind: mastering the language, getting our driver's licenses, finishing up projects in our apartment. Luckily, our impending first houseguest has pushed me to wrap up a lot of things I had abandoned due to the crazy heat wave - and all the summer fun we were having. Thank goodness light storming has resumed so we no longer just sit and sweat.

Before (note the dirt outlines)...          and After (clean!)

So while my latest painting project didn't turn out as I'd hoped (rather than a subtly-colored neutral, we have Easter egg lavender in our hallway), it at least means all rooms look clean and new, rather than the dirty way it was rented to us. It also means I no longer have any major house projects looming over me and I finally feel like we are settled rather than still adjusting to our new home - and that's a great feeling.

Bathroom paint and picture project - complete!

Kitchen painted & new light fixture installed! 

New cozy office rug & TV makes for a better place to hang out

Our next hurdle ... the German language. Some days, I pat myself on the back (or buy myself an ice cream) for managing to communicate or understand in Deutsch. Other days, I stutter and stumble my way through the words I know and still don't manage to make any sense.

One good sign that I'm making progress - at least from the Deutsch side of things - is that my other language skills are suffering. It appears that I can no longer spell in English and if I even try to think of how to say something in French, only German comes to mind. It's like all the German is pushing everything else out of my head. How some people can speak four or five languages without their head exploding blows my mind. If they have a secret of how to do this, I'd love to know it!

Until then, I will continue to struggle though and hopefully, each day I will understand more of what I hear. Just excuse my poor English in the meantime...

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische