Scenes from a snowy day

December 02, 2010

Half the time, I have to control myself from squealing giddily at the winter wonderland our town has become. With my dog that appears to be on drugs - both from crazed way she runs around eating the snow to the white powder that is now always under her nose - the Germans in the park already think we're crazy enough.

But coming from the snow-free holidays of coastal California, I can't help but get a little Lorelai Gilmore about the whole snow thing. So - da-da-da-dah... more snowy pics to enjoy. 

Don't you wish you were here (if, of course, you're not lucky enough to be here already!)?


Hope this snowy day makes you smile as much as it did for me!

(15 more days till my parents are here!!)

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische