Rheingauer Schlemmerwochen

May 10, 2011

Every time I think we've got a lull in local festivities, I'm proven wrong with the recently-acquired knowledge of yet another enter-the-name-here fest, usually centering around wine. This past weekend we learned from our friends who live in the Rheingau (kind of the German Napa) that it was the final days of Rheingauer Schlemmerwochen, translated as "Rheingau's Gourmet Weeks". While we didn't find much in the way of gourmet food or entertainment or art, just walking through the vineyards, making stops at various wineries to enjoy a glass or two was enough to feel like a celebration - even though we could do this every weekend, if we so desired.

For our first stop of the day, we hiked nearly to the highest point in Geisenheim and enjoyed wine and snacks overlooking the valley. Not that it's unusual around here, but we noticed as more patrons came, we were the only ones there that didn't qualify for senior citizen status. In fact, it became quite the joke because first they were just older, then came ones hobbling in with canes and as we left, a woman in the parking lot was being helped into her wheelchair. I sure hope I'm still touring the wineries at their age!

It was another one of those perfect outings where the weather was warm and sunny, the scenery was beautiful and the wine was delicious. I wonder at what point I'll be able to stop reminding myself 'I live here', but I'm certainly enjoying the feeling of being on a permanent vacation in this wonderful new country of ours!

The view at our first stop of the day

Even the bread is shaped like grapes at the winery

Our jug of wine, surely poured fresh out of the barrel

Ample pathways through the vineyards makes it easy to walk from winery to winery

Ahh, glass of sparkling Rosé overlooking the vineyards...

Grow baby grapes, grow!

Prost to an amazing day!

More festivals full of wine in the months to come...

But next up - Amsterdam! Weather is looking to be not terribly warm, but at least the forecasted rain appears to be pushed off till the day we leave. European roadtrip - here we come!

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische