Birthday, take two

September 27, 2011

Bailey was very excited about all the boxes - and the smells - from the states

For all my frustration and stressing about my recent shipment issues, the final installment of my mom's birthday packages has finally made it into my hot little hands. Aside from the fact I had to get up pre-dawn to have my husband drive me across town (and thank goodness I did - the box turned out to be huge) and my subsequent zombie-like state for the remainder of the morning (how in the world did I used to do this every day to commute to work??), it turned out not to be the hassle I imagined. Luckily, the entire interaction took less than two minutes and no more than my most basic German. 

Loads of customs paperwork I don't understand

I get the point that customs needs to check packages now and then to make sure there aren't illegal goings-on, and I'm fine with that. What I don't get is why I've gotten two letters in past few weeks - one Deutsche Post and one FedEx - assuming that these packages clearly marked 'GIFTS' in the customs paperwork are in fact not what they say they are, then demand receipts for said items and hefty fees to be paid. All it took for the one via Deutsche Post to be settled was for me to open one of the items of their choice from my package for them to see the contents weren't questionable and I was sent on my way. I have a feeling the FedEx customs invoice will take a little more to go away, since it will require more of a conversation, as the package is already in my possession and I know very little about customs regulations. So I'm crossing my fingers that my German is up for the likely push back I will receive.

On the plus side, I am still enjoying birthday goodies, two weeks after the fact. I've always loved getting things  in the mail (who doesn't?!) and the fact that all these friends and family are so far away makes it feel that much more special when I get a package sent to me halfway around the world. I sincerely hope the recent issues don't put everyone off from sending anything our way, as it means the world to us!

Bailey might have been even more excited about the Pop-Tarts box than I was - lots of sniffing and licking (her, not me)

Bless my mom, she even bubble wrapped the inside so they'd get to me in one piece

An Essie classic (Sugar Daddy) - so pretty!

Ahhhh... the boots I had been waiting (very impatiently) to receive. Love them!

My final haul, not too shabby :)

Easy to see this was a gift shipment, as stated for customs in the first place

Until the next holiday... here's hoping all packages make it without incident. ;)

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische