Some local exploring

October 11, 2011

Burg Eppstein

In light of the holiday last Monday, we decided to get out and take advantage of an extra day off with some exploring of our nearby towns. Autumn was officially getting started, but the weather was pure summer - hot and sunny. While the dog was certainly game for exploring some new places, her black perma-fur coat made it tough for her to do much more than collapse at first sign of shade. Not that we weren't too far behind her.  

My husband had seen a castle in Eppstein on his way through one time and suggested we go there. We spent a few hours walking around the town, enjoying the atmosphere and then up to the castle itself. It still amazes me to see modern-day life so nonchalantly surrounding such a notable structure from the 10th century. On our walk down the hill through town, we saw a little boy playing in his yard that sloped down to the perfect view of the castle and envied that childhood.  

With a little time still before we had to be back in town for dinner with friends, we drove a bit further into the mountains and discovered another more modern Burg towering over the valley. It turned out to be more recently claimed for doctors' offices, art studios and a restaurant, but the view from it was stunning. All in all, a pretty perfect autumn day. 

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische