Der erste Schnee!

December 20, 2011

Imagine my surprise when I woke up 
and saw THIS out the window!

Between our holiday trip to Paris falling though, all our friends leaving and no one coming to visit us, the forecast of only rain for the week seemed like a kick in the teeth. If nothing else, a white Christmas pretty much makes the holiday, but it didn't look like it was going to happen - until this morning! I don't know if it was my husband being more noisy than usual, or that I just knew, but something got me up early this morning and when I happened to look out the window, I started squealing like a child. My snow had come! Not just a lame sprinkling either - an honest-to-goodness white covering of everything in sight. 

Like any good snow aficionado, I immediately threw on some clothes over my pjs, did a quick mouthwash rinse and laced up my snow boots. Bailey knew something was up (she probably can't remember the last time she saw me up before the sun), but it wasn't until we stepped out the door that she realized what all the excitement was about. Always unsure at first, it didn't take too long before she was racing around in the snow, burying her face in it and generally acting like a crazed animal. Bailey and I are kindred spirits where snow is concerned. 

After walking Russ to his car, the two of us decided to make the most of it - after all, who knew if it would stick (it's looking good so far!) - and headed to the park. Bailey got to do all kinds of running around off the leash (like several other doggies with the same idea this morning) and rediscovered her affinity for eating snow, while I got to take all kinds of pictures and just revel in the early, pristine whiteness that so many had yet to discover today.  

So, without further ado, Wiesbaden's first snow this winter:

Crossing my fingers it will keep this up for a White Christmas...

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische