Packing for Paris

March 23, 2012

Any good Paris wardrobe starts with a lot of black

Like any good procrastinator, no matter how much time I have to prepare for a trip, I'm usually down to the wire in preparing, except for one area - my wardrobe. Sure, I may still be chucking last minute (and often unneeded) additions into my suitcase as we're trying to head out the door, but I'm always thinking - no, daydreaming - about what I'll wear before we've even booked the trip. Even for those not as fashion-obsessed as me, how can a striped Breton shirt not make you think of being on the coast, or a sexy, fashion-forward dress transport you to a night out in a big city? 

OK, OK, I added blue for some color in my wardrobe

Case in point, my last trip to Paris - my Engagement Trip, no less - I ended up having only the clothes on my back, the extra undies in my carry-on and a Sky Team t-shirt, courtesy of the airline (thank you, Heathrow Terminal 5 Opening Day Disaster). So instead of being proposed to in my Vivienne Tam dress and killer Vince Camuto heels along the Seine, I was woken up with a ring and breakfast in bed... in my Sky Team t-shirt. Not that being proposed to was any less special, but it forever paints a picture in your mind and in the stories you tell people. Clothes can not only put you in the state of mind you want to be in, but can also help you appear more like a local than a hapless tourist. Not to mention can make your engagement everything you hoped it would be, sartorially-speaking. 

Can't go to Paris without heels...

... but I'm bringing good walking shoes too!

So I've got my fashionable wardrobe ready and it's not getting lost this time (bar us getting carjacked, in which case, we've got bigger problems). I just hope the weather cooperates with the clothes I'm bringing, as the forecast has been wavering between sunny and warm, and rainy and cool. I guess worst-case scenario, I'll have to go shopping. Darn. 

My bags are (very nearly) packed, my French is as refreshed as it's going to be at the point (get out of my head, damned German!), and my must-eat-at list is prioritized (real American burgers, this amazing wine bar, and Pierre Hermé, of course). I'm 99% percent sure German will unintentionally come out of my mouth at some point and that one, if not more, things will not go as planned, but as long as I don't have to do it in Sky Team t-shirt, all will not be lost. 

I'm off to go throw a few more things in my stuffed suitcase and hit the road... À bientôt!

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische