Road Trip Part I: Switzerland

August 20, 2012

Switzerland was one of those places that I'd never really dreamed about. Sure, I thought it would be great to go, but I wasn't exactly clamoring to get there (I think this is how most people who have never been to Germany feel about it as well). It wasn't until we made our way though this beautiful country on our way to Italy that I suddenly understood what all the bank accounts, incredibly high cost of living and that ride at Disneyland are all about. It was as if around every bend in the road, an even better and more impossibly gorgeous scene came into view. Quite literally, the grass really was greener. 

Our stop was so brief in Montreux on Lake Geneva, we really only had time for a walk along the lake, taking in the little bit of sun we had, and then a dinner of take-out Chinese. I know what you're thinking, but honestly, most decent looking restaurants in town were so expensive and chock-full of heavy, German-like cuisine, it just wasn't what we wanted to fill our bellies with between two whole days of sitting in the car. Tasty Chinese (granted, being Switzerland, still the most expensive Chinese take-out I'd ever had) overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps from my mom's lovely balcony was pretty much perfect. Now if only that sun would have stuck around so we could have had one of those spectacular sunsets over the lake... Still, this ridiculously picturesque town made for the perfect first stop on our trip.

Next stop, the Italian Riviera!

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische