It's all in the details

October 26, 2012

After the unfortunate incidents at the park with other dogs, we have started taking Bailey on new walks, finding new pockets of our town (which we hope are free from those that are partial to sinking their teeth into our dog). While I'm still mourning the loss our favorite spots to stroll, it has allowed us to explore and enjoy the bits of our neighborhood that we otherwise might not have.

Case in point, a few weeks back, we headed down some new streets and happened upon the most beautiful houses. To be fair, most buildings in our part of town are hundreds of years old and have the most wonderful old-world, European charm, be it brick or stucco. But the detail on these was something new, reminding me so much of the artistic and detail-rich architecture we experienced in Barcelona. From what looked to be painted Art Nouveau flowers to stucco scroll work, these homes had the most beautiful ornamental detail around their tops. It was a level of ornate adornment I so rarely see in practical Germany, it was a very pleasant surprise.

The bad news is that we spotted the latest, and most dangerous, of the doggy offenders on this walk, so we'll likely skip this route in the future to avoid another interaction resulting in more wounds and another trip to the vet. So for now, I'll just enjoy these as a memory of this gorgeous architectural detail...

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische