Cloudy days make for spectacular sunsets

November 28, 2012

As a Californian, I admit I am a bit hard on the weather here. The freezing cold that sets in in early November - if not October - and the limited sunlight are hard to get used when one comes from the glorious weather of the Pacific coast. I remember the days there where more than two consecutive days of rain meant a stateside revolt. Ha! How times have changed... Now once the snow starts to come around, all is forgiven with the grey, dreary skies and I am once again German weather's biggest fan. Oh, Schnee... (I can hardly contain my excitement for the FOUR WHOLE DAYS of forecasted snow this weekend, perfect for kicking of the Weihnachtsmarkt season!)

So while I sift through all my photos - and impressions - from Barcelona and Berlin, not to mention focus on the rather massive task of hosting a belated Thanksgiving feast with friends this weekend, please enjoy some lovely scenes from dusk in Wiesbaden:

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische