A slow crawl back from the holidays...

January 12, 2011

Snowy night in Mainz

What a month it has been! I have been on quite a hiatus, but I assure you, I was savoring every minute of it. In addition to all the regular holiday business, we experienced an enormous amount: our first German Christmas tree, our first German car accident, hosting my parents' first-ever trip to Europe, five Christmas markets in two countries in two weeks... Whew! It's no wonder I've been MIA from my blogs!

Aschaffenburg's beautiful markt at the foot of Schloß Johannisburg

In an effort to ease myself back into writing and share what was so important to leave everything hanging for the last month, I thought I'd post mostly in pictures.

Please enjoy - hope you're having a happy new year so far!

My step-dad got his first passport to come visit us 
- what an honor!

The raging snowstorm that showed up just after my parents' arrival - and gave us a white Christmas!

Lights above the Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt

Bless her, my beer-hating mom tried every one we put in front of her. Sadly, nothing took, so we moved her onto Jäger.

Finally! An ear-flap hat of my very own - so necessary!

Holiday horns at the Rüdesheim am Rhein Christmas market

Mom spinning in 'The Chair' - our post-Mexican and -margaritas tradition. What a trooper! 

The Aschaffenburg markt & its adorable boot mugs of Glühwein

My lovely new necklace from my in-laws - & the lovely tape it came packaged in after customs tore through our holiday delivery

Nothing means Christmas like my mom's Christmas cookies!

Even Bailey got spoiled by Santa - look at all those new outfits!

Incredible door handle on the Kölner Dom

Surprised parents with a road trip to Brugge...
Merry Christmas, guys!

One of Belgium's many windmills

Lucky us - Brugge was hosting the Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival!

Jägermeister shots in ice glasses at the ice bar - at least the liquor warmed us up!

Some of the impressive - & scary - pyrotechnics of New Years

Burg Frankenstein (but no sign of the monster)

Frankfurt at night

Castle along the Rhein

At first I felt really guilty for abandoning my Reverb 10 reflections, but soon realized I was too busy living life to think about how I had lived the previous 11 months. Showing my parents their first little piece of Europe was an amazing experience that required nothing less than living solely in the moment. I hope they enjoyed their time here as much as we enjoyed having them.

Until next time...

*Daily Drop Cap from Jessica Hische
**Photos 3,4,5, 13 & 15 courtesy of D. Kelley. Thanks Mom!