Just another beautiful autumn day

November 05, 2011

In the midst of a lot going on in the past couple weeks - hosting a big dinner party, feeling a bit under the weather and most time consuming: reconfiguring everything back onto my old (really rather new) computer that is finally up and running again (regretting not getting the Mac) after more than six months - I've been really neglectful. I've been holed up inside and working, or resting, furiously. It's been tiring and uninspired, to say the least.

So the other day when I decided to take Bailey out for a longer walk than usual, it's no surprise that the beautiful autumn colors of our neighborhood did much to rejuvenate me. It seems that even after experiencing all the magic of seasons last year, the transformation is equally magical every year. California's mild, albeit boring, climate has left me gaping like a wide-eyed child at the way the world here can change so drastically and beautifully with each day. Each time I go out and capture pictures like this, I'm convinced I've caught our neighborhood presenting the best colors of the season. Then I go out the next day and see it can get even better. 

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische