The holiday black hole (aka - where we've been for the past few weeks)

January 09, 2012

Gorging ourselves on treats was just the beginning...

There's both something wonderful and something almost stifling about the holidays here in Germany, at least speaking as an American. With a week of nearly mandatory time off, as everything is shut down, it's difficult to not fall so deep into the holiday-ness that crawling back out to resume everyday life is nothing short of painful (coming from years in retail, Christmas day was often the only day I was relieved from the daily grind). Some days, we just stayed on the couch and watched episode after episode of American TV shows. Other days, we were ambitious enough for hikes in the mountains and even a day trip to France. Then we tumbled right back to the couch, ignoring all else - including blogs, social networking and even an email or two from the folks (sorry guys!). 

So what did we do that was so important it was worth all the neglect? Well, here's a bit from all our holiday goings-on...

We did a marathon tour on the final night of our local Weihnachtsmärkte: Mainz, a stop for margaritas (& cinnamon tequila shots!) at our fav Mexican place, then ending at our own Wiesbaden Markt (phew!)

Courtesy of very thoughtful family, we had even more presents than we knew what to do with
(seriously, Christmas morning lasted hours...)

One of my favorites? My mom's handmade treeskirt for our little family, which she whipped up in just a few weeks.

Even Bailey-dog got representation on the family treeskirt, chasing an Eichhörnchen, of course

OK, OK, this one might be my favorite present: a concert in Paris! I can't wait!

Bailey's favorite was clear - a new, stuffed toy to tear apart
(fittingly, a pink bunny, just like on A Christmas Story)

I also scored in the scarf/snood department (obviously)

I made yet another turkey (because really, once you realize how totally easy they are, once a year at Thanksgiving 
is not nearly enough!)

I made enough Christmas cookies for an army, rather than just the two - ahem, 2-1/2 - of us that were around for the holidays

Still no holiday snow, but our hike in the Taunus Mountains provided an abundance of spooky fog

Bailey's 2nd trip to Strasbourg, although this time she got an "Oo la la, le chein!" from a passerby. Seems she's even more popular in France. 

The Strasbourg Christmas market at the foot of the impressive cathedral - where it's been for over 400 years!

OK, so I lied. Apparently the French make potato sweets as well (???).

Loved all the French in Strasbourg (if only I could still speak it properly...)

My husband - who's birthday is unluckily sandwiched between Christmas and New Years, which means it's forgotten or unacknowledged by most - turned a year older. I did my part to make him feel special. 

Our whirlwind tour of holiday markets means we've amassed quite a collection of Glühwein mugs. Might need to have a Glühwein mug party just to put them to good use!

Bailey, learning to love & appreciate her stuffed toy - as opposed to immediate & total destruction 

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische