Hitchcock glasses

April 07, 2012

Barbara Bel Geddes looking sexy-smart in her frames in Vertigo

Ever since I became a full-time glasses-wearer, I admit, I've become a little obsessed. So much so, that when I find another new pair I just have to have, my husband has taken to saying "you need glasses? I think you already have glasses," in a very fatherly tone. Yes, yes. I have glasses (three pair, to be exact), but to me that's like saying you have a pair of shoes, why would you need another? And those I just wear on my feet!

I've been on a pretty serious Brille-finding mission for nearly a year, specifically for The Perfect Big Black Frames (think these, these and these), but like with many things, I am easily distracted. Case in point: I finally made my way back to KRASS Optik, where I bought my first pair of glasses in Germany, to see what they had - and what do you know? They had no fewer than three pairs that I absolutely fell in love with. In addition to the black pair that might be THE ONES (another post on more potential glasses to come), I stumbled upon these most beautiful frames in the most beautiful color:

Even more exciting than how good they looked on (and the €199 price tag - €50 off if -ahem, when- I buy two), was the fact that when I gushed about them to my mother, she insisted I watch Vertigo, in which one of the lead actresses wears an almost identical pair - down to the exact shade and the keyhole nosebridge. I love that classics like this are showing up again and that I found these dead-ringers for a classic Hitchcock pair without even trying makes my day. Must mean they were meant to be... 

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische