When did I become such a Hausfrau..?

April 10, 2012

My new toy!

I never thought I'd be one of those people that got all worked up over things like kitchen appliances, which only seem to cement the Hausfrau status* even more - but here I am, over the moon with my new Küchenmaschine (aka - processor/ blender/ juicer/ slicer-galore). Somehow over the last few years, I've gone from the kind of person who could barely cook anything that didn't start with a can or box mix to this person who somehow just whips up meals from scratch -without recipes - and impresses my own mother with my cooking. Who knew?

Two days in a row of blended margaritas - watermelon, then classic. What a treat!

Coming from the spoiled land of America where pretty much everything you could want can be had (and cheap, no less) after a quick trip to one's neighborhood superstore, I've been struggling with not having a blender for the two years since we've been here. Oh, how I missed our usual summertime treat of homemade margaritas... not to mention that most of my recipes involving dough call for a food processor (don't even get me started on soups..). I was making do with mixing biscuits one at a time in a mini processor acquired at Tchibo, but like so many cheap things here, it went the way of the appliance graveyard after not too long.

With Kichen-Aids starting at around €600 and even junky blenders (which reviewers stated began to smoke after minimal use) costing way too much for my liking - not to mention the total lack of counter space here for all these appliances - had me thinking I'd never get my hands on just what I needed. Then lo and behold, on a trip to Saturn to look at cameras, we figured we might as well check out the kitchen appliances - and there it was. At under €80 and with a plethora of functions (as well as good reviews when we went home and checked), I had found my machine. Squealing pretty much like a schoolgirl once I saw all its goodies lined up on my counter, I set right to work blending up the watermelon margaritas that just the day before were more chewable drinks, with thick chunks of fruit left behind by the failed attempt to mash it with a potato masher. The results were so good, I made regular ones the very next day. Now if only I could find the frozen limeade concentrate I used to use in the states that made the perfect margaritas...

Perfect, golden-y biscuits, just the right consistency, thanks to my Küchenmaschine!

With my new Küchenmaschine excitement going strong, I knew I had to make one of my favorite meals - creamy chicken with biscuits - for Easter. Having a machine big enough to make the entire batch of biscuits, as opposed to how I previously managed by mixing the dough 1/6 at a time in a mini machine, was heaven and it meant they turned out loads better than before. I can't wait to use it to try a really good tomato soup recipe (anyone have any recommendations..? I've yet to find one I like.) and to finally put to use my highly anticipated Christmas present for making homemade Pop-Tarts.

Küchenmaschine, I think I looove you!
xoxo, Hausfrau Wirth

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*Disclaimer: This does not mean vacuums, kitchen appliances or other plug-in items qualify as birthday or holiday gifts - no matter how awesome or coveted they are. Jewelry, French chocolates and handbags are still much preferred. 

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