Currently Obsessed: Mint green

July 20, 2012

Color has been an obsession of mine for a long time. Whether it stems from having a very artistic mother, years of living in white-walled apartments or my teenage years spent memorizing the colors from J.Crew catalogs, I am passionate about color. I love wearing it, decorating with it and painting all my walls with it. Color makes me happy. Much like many things for me, I go through phases where I 'rediscover' a color and then become obsessed with it. At the moment, nothing beats mint green.

Please forgive my rather lousy first-ever attempts at creating Polyvore boards in an effort to highlight my color crush. I'm only just learning to use them, but what fun! Above is my ideal outfit centered around mint green, including a few things I'm pining for in a major way - those Gap jeans and Warby sunnies for sure - with my collection below just showcasing random things I love. I hope to be able to add some more of this gorgeous hue to my collection soon. 

Seen here is one my few currently-owned mint green items: a €4.95 necklace from H&M that I've discovered I can layer with just about anything (here with one of my favorite recent purchases, my giraffe necklace - tall & awkward, I feel we are kindred spirits). It's also worth noting that my lovely new hair color and pretty highlights are courtesy of Sa at the Stephan Zollner salon. It's always a daunting prospect to get your hair done in a new country when your grasp of the language is minimal, at best. Luckily, I speak enough German and she spoke enough English to make it all work. Even though it's not the same blond as before, the results make me feel a bit more like my old, polished self. 

Daily Drop Cap from Jessica Hische