The weekend

July 23, 2012

Sunshine was the big story this weekend. Even with rain in the forecast, we took advantage of Saturday's beautiful blue skies and got ourselves back up into our nearby forest, something we hadn't done in who knows how long. Not only did it not rain, but it was perfectly warm and the sky remained picturesque with those impossibly fluffy, fake-looking clouds in the sky. 

We were both in serious need of some fresh air and exercise, but I think Bailey was the one who got the most out of our trek. Off-leash gallivanting, sniffing and panting - it was like doggy heaven. But nothing compared to the giant stick (aka, a whole tree) she found, which was conveniently propped up at gnawing height for her. Oh yeah, this half-"Retriever" doesn't actually retrieve sticks at all - she chews them until they are whittled down to a toothpick. Well, she went to town on this one as if her life depended on it, perhaps wondering why she couldn't manage to drag it anywhere, all the while paying little attention to our laughter and photo-taking. The stoic German who walked by during her ridiculousness couldn't be bothered to crack a smile either. Ah, well. It was entertaining for us - and I'm sure Bailey is still finding splinters in the depths of her jowls.      

My husband had been dying to make this mole recipe he had found, and on Sunday, he was finally had all the ingredients to make that happen. While I spent the better part of the afternoon playing around on the internet (read: mostly J.Crew shopping) and salivating from the smells wafting down the hall, he slaved away and made us a delicious dinner. After we were both stuffed to the gills, I did more luxuriating while he cleaned up. I could really get used to this... 


Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische