Packing for Paris

July 01, 2013

As excited as I am about next week's holiday in French wine country and at the seaside, Paris is by far the bit I get most excited to pack for. There is an energy and sense of style like no other, and I can't help but feel inspired whenever I am in this wonderful city.

To help differentiate myself from the throngs of tourists in this peak season, I plan to keep away from the museums and tourist attractions, just eating at burger trucks and our favorite hole-in-the-wall taco place, strolling the streets and soaking in the joie de vivre - and I plan to pack accordingly. While I greatly admire the Parisian who can somehow maneuver the steep streets of the 18th and the city's cobblestones while in three-inch heels and balancing her of-the-moment designer bag on her delicate wrist after dropping €20 on her café et croissant, I must admit to being a bit more practical.

I'm thinking, casual, classic French with some fashion-forward updates (picture Coline, but painfully less cool). A spritz of my favorite Chanel, a hands-free bag for making full use of my new DSLR and the perfect soundtrack for people-watching in the park, and I'm set. Well, with a good hat and umbrella for those notorious grey and rainy Paris days, of course (yes, even in the summer). Now to just practice my French and that aloof city attitude...

Style photo credits, top to bottom: Et Pourquoi Pas Coline, unknown via Pinterest, Andy T. on