France roadtrip: a vineyard wedding, seaside relaxation & the city that is always a good idea

June 28, 2013

We are finally booked for France! Between being frugal to save for Berlin and fretting about not having a proper holiday in forever, we took until the very last minute to decide that this was one trip we could not pass up (no matter how it may push back our Berlin move date). I mean, a two days of parties to celebrate our friends' wedding on their vineyard just outside Bordeaux, some much-needed relaxation time on the coast (seriously, this California girl is having major summertime withdrawals not being close to an ocean anymore) and of course, a conveniently located few days in the middle because, really, Paris is always a good idea, n'est-ce pas? How could we say no?

So I'm counting down the days (11, to be exact) I have to pack a fabulous French wardrobe full of wedding-worthy dresses, seaside stripes and fashion-forward pieces appropriate for every city on our itinerary, not to mention scope out some great places to eat along the way.  I'm just thankful I don't have to restrict my baggage - the back of our car will fit a lot of shoes!