A few Friday things

June 14, 2013

While it is finally starting to warm up here like proper June weather, the threat of rain and thunderstorms is always looming overhead, usually just as I am about to put on some cute suede sandals and am forced to throw on water-worthy sneaks instead. It's no wonder my day-to-day footwear is not representative of my extensive shoe collection!

Here are a few things on my radar this week:

Jimmy Kimmel is just killing it with these (and another).

This also made me laugh this week.

Wise words on enjoying the good things you have...

... and this is the ultimate good thing I know I would enjoy for a lifetime (countdown to my birthday has undoubtedly begun).

Daydreaming about going here next month.

Been on a crafty streak ever since I took this on. Think these jeans might be my next DIY.

While its customer service has been a bit shoddy, I still can't get enough of semi-new European brand & Other Stories - especially its gorgeous collab with Alyson Fox and the fact that it's currently having its first sale ever.

Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend to all!