Time for some new glasses!

June 26, 2013

If you can believe it, this blind-as-a-bat daily glasses-wearer has gone three years without getting her eyes checked! Mostly because I love all my frames so much (yes, I have, ahem, five pairs) and resisted having to change them, I gave in to take advantage of a coupon to a local shop for a free box of contacts for summer. So with my new Rx in my hot little hands, I am finally ready for something fresh and new!

Seeing that Warby Parker frames are so affordable and its selection is so extensive - not to mention that the quality and customer service is stellar -  it's hard to pick just one (or two, or three..) new frames. The only downside: they are only in the US, so clearly I cannot take part in the awesome home try-on program. So I just have to go with what I know works for my face and hope for the best. I think I've narrowed it down to the ones below... What do you think?

big & bold:  crosby // duckworth // preston

sleek & classic:  sims // ainsworth  // arthur 

Now if only Warby Parker would start selling in Europe... (hint, hint, guys!)

photos of me by Christie Dietz