Spring cleaning (aka - Reflections)

March 31, 2011

Spring has officially sprung and I finally feel like I've started to crawl out of the winter funk - both literally and figuratively (hence, my long blogging absence). In addition to just the dreary weather, I've been battling with a nearly-new, dying laptop (say farewell to all the photos I've kept on the harddrive for the last six months - without backing up! *sigh*), but mostly, I've been struggling with those feelings again of 'who am I and what exactly am I doing?' Without a computer and photo library to blog from, I've been stuck with even more of this free time to reflect - and question.

Spring explodes in the park in literally a matter of days!

Last year, I spent my winter and early spring days hard at work on our then-new flat - painting, assembling all sorts of Ikea goodies and generally learning how to be a housewife. With the grand entrance of the sun and spring flowers, I've come to the realization that I too must make a change. I have no house projects keeping me busy and no formal language classes to fit into my schedule. It's time to get out and do something productive. So I've submitted my CV (aka, the resume in the states) to the one and only English-speaking job I know of right now and am crossing my fingers that they're willing to overlook my lack of formal accounting training and focus instead on my superb English skills (which is actually a requirement for the position - lucky me). 

In local news, politicians have been putting up posters in the last few weeks and it was interesting to see, at least from my limited, non-fluent-German view, the kinds of people that run for office here. It's sad that it seems politics everywhere is tainted with immorality, but perhaps this is why I have no interest in politics anywhere. Naturally, this puts me at a disadvantage, as most Europeans bring up politics when talking with an American and will likely know much more about what's going on than Americans do about their own country. Europeans' worldliness is humbling.   

Unfortunate names for politicos: 
Schlampe means 'slut' & Popel means 'booger'

In other news...

Thanks to my mom, I'm back in American necessities: Excedrin, brown sugar and, of course, caramel corn

Bailey is still a crazy, stick-eating dog - she's just doing it in the sunshine now

It's not even April & already we've had roll-your-pants-up and lay in the sun kind of days. Ahhh...

So, cross your fingers I end up with a job before too long, a fixed computer harddrive so I can continue blogging with more regularity and for more sunny days to enjoy our beautiful parks (and Biergartens)! 

Our favorite winery cordially inviting us to their spring wine tasting - that's right, once a year is not enough

Up next in April are weekends filled with wine tastings and birthday parties. Looks like we're sailing into summertime with nothing but good times ahead!

*Alex Trochut for Daily Drop Cap, via Jessica Hische