Have you written anything lately?

June 25, 2011

While I haven't been listening to The Cure a lot, similarly, what I have written hasn't been worth sharing

Once again, I've let time (and creativity) get away from me. I blame a deep spring funk resulting from dreary weather, chick drama, the epic failure of our second major kitchen appliance (my beloved oven!) and the consistent refusal of our new internet service to actually provide working internet - not to mention a few days of illness, thrown in for good measure - basically a bunch of crap I would rather not have to deal with. The two other entries I've started in the last month remain abandoned in my Blogger draft files; my heart just wasn't in them. And so here I am, hoping any and all possible readers haven't assumed I'd fallen off the face of the earth.

With the forecasted sun and break in the rain expected to start tomorrow, I'm optimistic that things are turning around. Additionally, we had a lovely outing with friends last weekend, despite the alternating sun and downpours, and are enjoying a nice four-day holiday weekend now. Sure, we're still going to be out a huge chunk of change to replace our kitchen appliances (just loving being a German renter right now), but at least the other big chunk will come out in the form of shoe shopping in the states next month. *squealing with delight!* Hope this year's holiday is still in the cards too...

I swear I'll post something more promising soon. In the meantime, I'll stick to the kind of funk I prefer - my girl Nikka Costa. Hey spring funk, get off my sunshine!

*Darren Booth for Daily Drop Cap