Farewell dinner #1

December 09, 2009

It was so great to have everyone come out to enjoy an evening of great food and company to commemorate one of the few nights I have left in the Bay Area at one of my favorite spots in SF - Salt House. Sadly, my brother-in-law, sous chef extraordinaire, was not on hand to make us any of his special creations, but the kitchen took care of us just the same. The food was almost as special as the company, and that's saying a lot. See below for our gluttonous dessert order (do forgive my lack of culinary detail - there was so much more to each than I've described). "One of everything" was the only way to go on such a special occasion!

In our defense, there were seven of us ...

Apple crisp

Lemon Panna Cotta

Carrot cake and pistachio cardamom ice cream

Brownie with fudge, bananas and ice cream

Cinnamon toast ice cream
And the food coma has set in . . .