Farewell dinner #2

December 10, 2009

Industrial-strength margaritas and fresh cal-mex was the perfect way to enjoy my last evening with one of my dearest friends (oh, how I will miss you Tara - and Mexican food!). Of course, I was so caught up in, well, catching up, I neglected to get a photo of us on our last outing. This just gives me more ammunition to beg a trip out to visit us so we can get photos together around Germany. As much as my husband and I are homebodies and don't get out much, moving somewhere we won't even have the opportunity to see our friends on a semi-regular basis makes me even more aware how far away we are really going. I've been mostly excited up until this point, but as we enter our final week in the States, it saddens me that we may not see a lot of these folks for a very long time.

Thank god for Facebook. And beer.