So long, farewell

December 17, 2009

The day is finally here - and I can't believe it. All the weeks, no, make that months, of stressing and planning have lead to this. As we await our airport transportation, the thought has definitely crossed my mind: are we crazy? We don't speak the language, or know anyone there. But as I think about the other huge journey we've decided to embark upon - marriage - I realize that this is just another way to create our own life together, as a family. So as we all head out today to our newest adventure, I will think about all the people we will miss but will remain excited about the possibilities this move will bring. Just cross your fingers that Bailey dog still loves us after 15 hours in a crate!

More news from the other side of the pond to come soon (as soon as we get internet, or my iphone up and running)! Aufwiedersehen!