Weekend of spring, sun & wine

April 04, 2011

Hillside vinyards in Johannisberg

Wine season officially started this weekend with the first tasting of the year, and was gloriously ushered in with bright sun and temps in the 20s (that's in the 70s F!). The weather was so gorgeous, I ended up visiting with a friend and eating decadent desserts on the winery's patio just to soak up more of the summer-like weather, rather be down in the cool wine caves. There's nothing like actual seasons of weather to make one appreciate the first truly gorgeous day of the year.

Yeah, we live here *sigh*

Sadly, the beautiful weather from Saturday turned to grey and eventual drizzle late on Sunday, but the temps were warm enough for a doggy outing to the river for a little swim. We invited doggy friend Carter and his people, thinking his thick, curly coat would enjoy a cool dip in the water. Perhaps it was Bailey's crazed behavior, or maybe the waves that would wash to shore from the wake of a boat, but he was having none of it. Paws were all that made it in.

Carter's thinking 'What the hell is that crazy dog doing 
way out there?'

Walking along the river as the weather grew grayer and colder, we happened upon the people who truly embrace every little change in weather - standing in a block-long line for ice cream. It's so funny to me how once the ice cream shops re-open for the season (because here, unlike CA, they're not year-round!), everyone flocks to them, whether the weather is in agreement or not. 

Schloss Biebrich

Meanwhile, we shivered in the park behind the Schloss for a while, enjoying the prehistoric squawks of the parrots that live in the trees (how had I not yet experienced this?!) and the wedding photography taking place on the grounds. When hunger and cold finally won out, Mexican and margaritas seemed like the obvious conclusion to such a great weekend.

I'm crossing my fingers that our next wine tasting excursion in a few weeks arrives in conjunction with the same sunny weather. One day of summer-like weather and already I can't stand being back in spring's rain! 

* Daily Drop Cap by Alejandro Paul, via Jessica Hische