Full swing spring

April 12, 2011

The tree blooms in Nerotal have appeared for the season

Spring, complete with its weather fluctuations and blooms aplenty, has made it's glorious entrance. While we've been spoiled with sun and record highs in the past weeks (25C in March!), the spring rain has been trying its damndest to make an appearance. As I write this, the weather today has literally flip-flopped between bright sun and chirping birds to grey skies and rain-streaked windows countless times (currently, we're enjoying the latter - boo). Oh wait, the sun is peeking out, again...

Bailey trying her best to lay in a sliver of sunshine

It turns out that amidst the new beginnings of the season, I will not be getting the job that I applied for - which is actually a good thing. I'm assuming they went with someone with actual, you know, accounting experience, which is most assuredly not me. Just the tutorials my husband was giving me caused my head to hurt. But more than having to do some serious on-the-job training, I would've had to work for the most dispicable boss. Just the other day, he said "Du bist Dümmer als du bist" (sort of the German equivalent to "you're dumber than you look") to an English-speaking colleague whilst in a meeting, thinking he wouldn't understand. What he didn't account for is that my husband would understand and relay the message. Nice.

So, long story short, three cheers for me not getting the job! In effort to let the things I actually know how to do not go to waste, I'm committed to blogging more often and submitting some freelance writing pieces to various travel blogs; I'm even working to apply for a proper freelance position here in Germany. I'm pretty confident I can write better than I can balance debits and credits, anyway.

In recent culinary news...

Not as pretty as I'd hoped, but I tried *ugh*

I attempted my first buttercream roses the other day in honor of the lovely Frau Dietz's birthday party. I'm not sure why I tried to do something so outside my abilities a mere hour before the party began (thank you, YouTube tutorial!), but I think I was trying to make up for the fact I failed to make her something special on her actual birthday. Since it is my understanding that Germans aren't big on the whole 'gourmet' cooking at home thing, most party goers were blown away by my rather lame attempt and a few even offered a sort of wife-swap situation. What a way to show my hubby how good he's got it!

Between more writing and cooking, I'd like to request a bit more weather like this, please:

Although with her always-on black fur coat, Bailey might beg to differ with me...

Off to take advantage of the chilly weather with a nice warm bath, a glass of wine and a book. I'm starting to wonder why I was so set on getting out of this whole Hausfrau situation. I think I've got it pretty good myself...

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische