Another year, another wishlist

September 07, 2012

Wow. 33. It's hard to believe I'm really going to be that old in a week. I say 'that old' like I think I'm old, but in fact, I don't feel even close to that. I mean, what have I really done? Sure, I've finished two university programs and was working on a third, had one-and-a-half careers, gotten a dog, gotten married, moved halfway around the world, seen lots of Europe... There's just still so much more to do and so much more life to live! I just want to do more traveling and have more beautiful things and experiences.

Speaking of beautiful things, above is a compilation of many of the things I want most this year. While there are a few things that are fresh this season (like the J.Crew Harper boot, Chanel's newest fragrance and the not-even-out yet Moleskin Duffle from Boden's upcoming winter collection), I've kept my eye on things I've wanted for years, like the classic Coach Willis bag, a knock-off of the necklace I've wanted literally for a decade, the best scarf/wrap ever and a classic, nice-looking backpack, not to mention more Warby Parkers glasses, because I just love them so much. Add to that more little things like a new iPhone cover, jewelry pieces from H&M and Mango and some of the new Germany Collection polishes from OPI (check! thanks, mom),  and it's safe to say I have a pretty extensive want list. But really, when do I not?

As those of you who have followed my blog for a bit know, I'm a little obsessed with glasses and have been on the hunt for the perfect black pair for awhile now. While these aren't entirely black - they're black on top, tortoise on the bottom and backed with cream - this oh-so-chic pair from Krass (below) were the ones I just kept coming back to and decided on as my birthday pair. Can't wait to wear them!

One week to go...

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische