The weekend

September 03, 2012

I think I was in recovery last week after blogging every day the week before. I forgot how much work blogging can be! I barely made dinner that week, let alone cleaned the house or did errands. Perhaps it's about time I made this blog more than just a hobby... 

Saturday had me up and out before 10 a.m. (which is a rarity) to meet dear friend Frau Dietz for coffee (and and eclair for me), browsing the farmer's market (I bought white peaches and white nectarines - my favorites) and checking out an awesome used English book sale at a local church. Not only did I score a huge handful of books for only €10, but I finally met the lovely Click Clack Gorilla and her beyond adorable little one there. Later, strolling the market with the husband had us run into two different sets of friends and I was once again reminded how lucky we are to live somewhere with such great people. 

We spent Sunday meandering around our part of town. We walked down to the Kurpark, which we rarely do, and took in all the little things we usually take for granted: the inlaid sidewalks in front of the Kurhaus, the glimpses of incredible architecture that can be found all over the city, the city symbol of three fleurs-de-lis on every single post. Inspired by rediscovering such sights, I even tried out my sunnies on the hubby, as I had a feeling they would look even better on him (and because I'm kind of wanting a new pair). And what do you know, they did. With the very last fest happening in Wiesbaden until the holiday markets - swanky Taunusstrassefest, complete with red carpet - we were making the most enjoying our little part of town and the end of summer.

Going all out and spending the last of the warm daylight in the park, I started to actually feel bad that summer was fading so fast. I know I complained and complained until summer arrived just a month ago, naturally in full 35-degree sweat-inducing fashion, only to then be over the heat and ready for fall. True summer here is a fleeting thing and I understand more and more every year how people just stop their bikes in the park, tear off their clothes and bask in the sun. We must take it when we can get it. 

So, thank you, Summer. It's been nice, but I'm ready for falling leaves, crisp air and sweater season!

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische