Have a good weekend (despite the weather)

February 01, 2013

With rain and dreariness expected to continue through the weekend, I kind of want to just hole up like this little guy with all the nuts, ahem, leftovers, we've been saving away and not come out until there are new nuts (aka - sunshine, blue skies, better eating out options) to be had. I think we're actually going to brave the downpour and go out tonight, maybe that Chinese place we love or somewhere new. Who knows, we might even run some errands tomorrow. Guess it can't rain all the time. Can it..? 

Please, oh please, let the snow forecast for the next week be right. I could with a bit more winter wonderland and a bit less soupy grey mess. Thanks. It is February, after all. Things can only get better from here. 

Daily Drop Cap by Alejandro Paul for Jessica Hische