Always look on the bright side of life

January 31, 2013

You know what those Monty Phyton boys always said... Although, this time of year - January especially - it's hard to be bright and cheery when everything around us is so grey and sad. I was beginning to feel  in a  hopeless spiral towards seasonal affective disorder when I met a friend for lunch the other day and she was wearing the brightest yellow cardi I'd ever seen, and then it hit me. Here was the answer - color! And not just any color, but bright, blinding, neon color. Just being in her presence made me want to sing from the rooftops (OK, not really, but almost...).

I admit, when neon made a bit of a comeback in years past, the '80s child in me could only scream no and cover my eyes to ward off the flashbacks of bad perms and Hypercolor shirts (oh yes, I had both). Given time - and three very grey, very dreary German winters - I've started to come around. It's not so garish or '80s when it's a small pop of color, say, that little J.Crew purse or the Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, grounded by neutrals. I love that things now are already coming color blocked (that clutch! those shoes!) or faded (oh, that Madewell sweater...) to tone down the effect.

Right now, I'm thinking that neon yellow and grey stripe tee is the best way to ease into these blinding winter brights. I'm hoping that with the lack of sun, these colors will radiate and elevate my mood. German's aversion to color, be damned. Guess I'm just going to stick out like the Californian that I am.

So farewell January, it's been not-so-fun! I've got color to help me through the rest of winter...

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