Musings on change (and being a girl)

April 19, 2013

My favorite episode of Top Model, always, is the makeover show. Sure, like most members of the female sex, I get off on a great transformation, but really I'm in it for the haircut meltdowns. The whiny little bitches who cry as if they are cutting off an arm, unaware they could actually be one haircut away from $5,000 runway gig. I take a little joy in the ridiculousness, but mostly I'm just baffled. I mean, what fun is it being a girl if not for the multitude of ways we can alter and play with our appearance? Ever since I learned that I could - as in, chopping my waist-length locks to a short bob for the start of the first grade - I have reveled in the transformative power of changing my hair.

But now, nearly thirty years later, I've found myself stuck again in that long hair rut. I suppose that is just sort of the way with long hair though. You grow it and grow it (and grow it...) until one day you think, okay, now what? Well I've hit that point a few times, so I've cut it and took it from auburn to dark blond - and dyed the tips blue at one point - and I'm still saying 'now what?'. It's clearly time for something new.  

I have really been loving the blunt, long bobs - or 'lobs', if you will - that have been popping up all over the place, especially on Emily Blunt (no pun intended). Then when J.Crew posted its little St. Barths shoot with the model with the collarbone-grazing cut, I became obsessed. So I'm not sure what's been stopping me. Well, money for the usually nice haircuts I insist on, for one, but I'm thinking of just going all Man Repeller in my bathroom and chopping it myself. Then there's still the color to contend with...

My shift back to a golden dark blond/light brown with honey highlights has brought me closer to my natural color, but as you can see from the many months of grow out, it's nothing to write home about. That dull, mousy hue hasn't been dubbed 'dishwater blond' for nothing. I now remember why I started dying my hair all those years ago... So I can either pick up where that pricey colorist left off and do my own roots in the closest thing I can find to this warm dark blond, or I can run with the grow out and lighten just the ends for an ombre effect. I'm afraid anything more involved - i.e. all-over highlights or a new color altogether - would require a professional. With our strict savings plan for our Berlin move, I'm strictly in DIY territory here.

So readers, what do you think? A cut? A color? Am I crazy for trying to take this on myself..? I'm open to suggestions and opinions!

top images from (clockwise): Zara, Getty Images, J.Crew, Splashnews