Bailey's Berlin

March 29, 2013

 Bailey ponders what life would be like in Berlin...

We weren't entirely sure how Bailey would take to Berlin. While most would consider Wiesbaden to be big city life coming from the suburbs where we lived in California, Berlin is a whole different beast. Bailey barely manages a walk in our current neighborhood without at least once jumping at the sound of Rollladen, big trucks or even doors. Seriously. She once trampled a little puppy fleeing from someone shutting their car door. Three years in and city life is still an adjustment for her. Needless to say, we were nervous that she would veto this city we had fallen in love with.

Miraculously, she seemed to get along great. Perhaps she was so distracted by all the new smells and friendly dogs, or she was just traumatized by all the traffic and a few rides on the U-Bahn - and S-Bahn! - but we were terribly impressed with her nonetheless. Not only did she manage to listen pretty well, she didn't bark at other dogs in her misguided efforts to make them play with her (well... except that one little male dog that took a shine to her, she just didn't appreciate his advances) and she even managed not one, but two (!!) restaurant visits without knocking a single table over (bribes of Paprika and roast beef from our plates played a big part, I'm certain). She seemed as genuinely interested in exploring this city as we were.

So here was Berlin from Bailey's point of view:

Longest road trip ever. I hate you guys.

After five hours in the car, my people took me straight to Tempelhof for a little doggy socializing (meh) and a lot of running (yessss!). Once again, my energy level had me mistaken for a puppy by another dog owner. Seven years young, folks.

I'm queen of the world!

Why are we taking pictures when I could be playing with those dogs back there..?

You're going to muzzle me, put me in this dark, shaking metal thing and leave me on the floor for people to step on? I really hate you guys. 

Some of your Banh Mi will help make up for my traumatizing first U-Bahn ride, really guys. Roast beeeeeef!

Really feeling the sadness here, guys

This is much more my speed: Schneebällen!

Doggy friend?

What's all this Harlem Shake crap? Everybody do the Zombie!

A moment of reflection... (but really just plotting how to get those ducks)

Day 2: U-Bahn, smu-bahn. I'm a Berliner now!

Hey, our parks aren't this swanky in swanky Wiesbaden!

I was a very good listener this trip, I swear

Now this is a park! So much running to do...

Uh, guys, isn't this just a wall..? What's the big deal?

Another park! This one had camels and mini horses - and I think maybe drug dealers

Phew! Berlin was exhausting!

...but I can't wait to come back!

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische