Pantone Emerald = Spring's splendor

April 29, 2013

For many years, I believed that green was not the color for me. I avoided all lime, grass and emerald hues, thinking that they somehow didn't work for my pale, Irish coloring (clearly, I needed to branch out). But then one day a little over a decade ago, I tried on a bold green sweater on a whim... and what do you know? I fell in love. These days, I have quite a collection of emerald pieces in my wardrobe.

As spring has sprung this year, after a particularly long and grey winter, I am reminded of how Pantone's color of the year is also the color of the season. Sure, there are blooms of varied colors and glorious blue skies, but emerald is the color that arrives first, leaves last and shines with the most brilliance and abundance in the season's sunshine. It is the color that breathes life into the world around us, waking it - and us - up after months dominated by grey and white. I for one feel recharged by this shade and am inspired to pull more emerald out of my closet and go wiggle my toes in the green, green grass.    

*This post is a submission for Pantone's Do You Feel Emerald? blog contest