Currently Obsessed: Sweatshirts

May 03, 2013

When I used to think of the word 'sweatshirt', I couldn't help but think it was a dirty word. Literally. It brought to mind shapeless, yellowed-cuffs college attire that was emblazoned with some fraternity/college you didn't attend/freebie business logo and hadn't seen the wash since you had last visited your mother. Ahh, how times have changed.

Now, sweatshirts can not only be cool and hip, they can even be pretty. The once bottom rung attire choice has gotten a style upgrade with the likes of trendy dip-dying and feminine add-ons like eyelet, sequins and sparkles (in a completely non-Vegas trailer park way, of course). And with spring in full swing, it's the perfect way to stay warm under your raincoat without rummaging through all your freshly cleaned and put-away-for-the-season winter sweaters.

{clockwise} Zara (similar) / Old Navy / Vardagen / H & M / ASOS / Zara / J.Crew / Hello