Back from France

July 23, 2013

While I have been to France numerous times before, this trip was something rather special. We were able to attend not only an amazing two-day wedding celebration on our friends' vineyard just outside Bordeaux, but we got to see so much of this beautiful country that we might have missed had we not taken the roads less traveled, literally.

Avoiding costly toll roads meant meandering through towns so small, we passed through them in mere seconds. Being close to the Atlantic coast of France meant discovering places so stunning, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. I may have only caught glimpses of the Eiffel Tower while we were driving through Paris, but it truly was the little, lesser-known places that made this trip what it was. And even though we received news of a beloved family member's passing while we were gone, there was something about the beauty of where we were that helped center our thoughts on the celebration of life, rather than just the sadness of loss.

So as I take the time to gather my thoughts from our recent travels and sift through about a gazillion photos - not to mention do countless loads of laundry - please enjoy a couple highlights from our last couple of weeks traveling across France. I plan to save a few city- and restaurant-specific posts for my new blog - which will have a definite travel and foodie focus, in addition to fashion, design and of course, shoes! - but I hope to get a few special things up here as well. From Paris to Bordeaux to Arcachon to Chenonceau to Orleans, I'm sure there will be abundance of things to share.

Here's hoping your summer holidays take you places as magical as ours has!