I'm famous! (sort of)

July 11, 2013

While I am here in Paris, enjoying my favorite chocolat and keeping away from the bi-annual les soldes so that I don't inadvertently spend all our Berlin savings, my little blog is getting a bit of publicity back in Wiesbaden. In yesterday's issue* (today's online edition) I was featured in a series the Wiesbadener Kurier is doing on local bloggers, written by another local blogger and Wiesbaden native, Vivienne Matz.

So while I'm still traipsing around France - next stop: Bordeaux and a vineyard wedding! - do take a look at my first little bit of press. For those of you who are English-only, Google translate is an imperfect lifesaver. It is especially entertaining when it translates 'her husband Russ and female dog Bailey' as 'dog lady Russ Bailey'. Bear with it though, it seems even Google can't help some things from getting lost in translation.

*Update: Originally slated to run in the Wednesday issue, my feature was actually in the Thursday print edition as well. Sorry to friends who went out and bought the Wednesday paper, expecting me to be in it!